Check Your Calendar

If ever in an interview, taking a business exam or serving on a panel, you cannot go wrong answering "communication". Most critical business questions can be accurately answered with "communication." If the question is "what problem did you observe in the case study?", "what could improve the situation?" or "what would you do different next time?"... communication. You just cannot go wrong. Remember when you used to communicate to your manager so that the information could be passed on as needed up the chain? Then one day your manager decided that it was too much trouble to spend time tracking down each team member and extracting information from each. It would be much more "efficient" to call a meeting and poll each captive team member (the added effort to wake them prior to the query is minimal compared to tracking them down). Of course this was couched under the need for furthering communication between team members. The meeting, an efficient get together to efficiently pass on information from one to many, just flipped over into an inefficient interruption to the participants and a convenience for the manager. On the bright side, it gives the manager much more time to massage the information into a sculpture suitable for display in the next management level art gallery. Each level of management polishes, shines or buffs the sculpted material as it moves up the chain. We all want to please, you know. Finally, some high level muckety muck grins and offers a hearty atta boy to the final deliverer of the polished pile. This is the same muckety muck that is alarmed because actual results may vary. And they really vary because the polished pile doesn't resemble the raw granite status provided at the initial staff meeting. The mucketty muck (MM) asks the question "how is this possible?" Well, you know the answer...yep, you got it... communication. So, our wise MM takes corrective action. After all, our MM rose through the ranks and understands the polishing practice, so a new plan is put in place. Our MM will venture out to the field and meet directly with the troops. Go straight to the source. So plans are made, and everyone gets an invitation to the MM meeting. After all, what is one more meeting? Now, one level below the MM there is great distress, as the Sub MM wants to ensure that the appropriate information is communicated. This leads to the Pre-Meeting. A meeting to ensure that information does not contradict the polished pile. So everyone gets an invitation to the Pre-MM meeting. Ok, so another meeting.... In true domino fashion, the polisher below the Sub MM needs to ensure that what is communicated to the Sub MM is controlled. Soon, everyone receives the invitation for the Dry Run of the Pre-MM Meeting. Oh, don't forget to attend the Walk Through for the Dry Run of the Pre-MM Meeting; and what ever you do, don't miss the Stand Up to go over the Walk Through of the Dry Run for the Pre-MM Meeting. Hey, don't you have some work to do? After all we need something new to communicate.