Second Hand Crack

The Surgeon General has long declared that smoking is hazardous to your health. Over the last two decades the awareness of the harms of second hand smoke, also know as involuntary smoking, have increased. The Surgeon General has further declared that second hand smoke is harmful as well.

Through the works of organizations such as the “Americans for Non–Smokers Rights", many public areas, dining establishments, and workplaces have become smoke free. It has been a long time since ashtrays graced the desks of the workplace and smoke filled the air. We now have air purifiers; humidity controlled and air conditioned workspaces. Ahhhh.

Now, a new addiction has taken over the workplace. More importantly, this addiction has worked its way into the family lives and personal lives of many workers. The addiction is to e-mail read and responded to via handheld devices. The junkies can be found plucking away with their thumbs on Pearls and Curves throughout the day, evening, and into the wee hours of the night. The virtual workday never ends.

Those that have resisted the temptation look on with pity at the addicted and afflicted. Many made pleges to themselves to not get caught up in this ubiquitous e-mail craze. However, as with the secondhand smoke, just because you do not partake, does not ensure that you will not be inflicted with the effects of the vice.

Returning Monday morning, after the first real spring like weekend of the year, the effect was evident. Apparently, while I had been out doing yard work, running, and barbequing with friends, my addicted co-workers were tapping away with their thumbs at every chime, beep or vibration from their crack pipe phone. Further evident is the apparent inability to modify the copy list (cc) from these high tech devices. I fired up my e-mail Monday morning and opened my inbox to find it overflowing with plumes of second hand crack. The copies of all the instant jibber jabber messages from the crackberry users over the entire weekend filled my in-box; half of which were unreadable due to the tight placement of the keys and the relative fat fingers of the addicted.

We now must turn to the likes of the “Americans for Non-Blackberry User Rights” to lobby for, and promote a work environment free from second hand crack-berry messages that litter and inflict stress on the non-users. After all those of us that are crack free still have a life.