Anatomically Speaking

It is interesting that when accounting for organization size we consider headcount. However, when everyone is to attend a meeting it is called an all hands meeting. At first thought there should be twice as many hands as heads. Although after further thought, one realizes that someone could have paid an arm and a leg for something, in which case there might be fewer hands.
It is interesting the amount of focus we put on body parts, even at the office. Anatomical metaphors make up a considerable part of the business vernacular. This reminds me of a recent incident at work:
This guy who is a brown nose and a real pain in the neck, had bitten off more than he could chew. He was able to wave his hands for sometime, but after several months of pulling his hair out and biting his nails, eventually he took his eye off the ball, and his mistake became apparent; a mistake that could bring the company to its knees. When confronted about it he spoke out of turn and ended up putting his foot in his mouth. Management responded by giving him a tongue-lashing.
Fortunately the manager’s right hand man, a guy who is head and shoulders above the rest, came to the rescue. For several months, despite being knee deep in alligators, his ear had been to the ground so he was able to put his finger on the problem. Change was afoot. The industry was changing. The company could exploit the Achilles heel of the competition if they would dip their toe in the water and develop a new technology. He presented his plan to the group to kick around. He was confident it could stand on its own, but he wanted to get another set of eyes on it and for everyone to go in with their eyes wide open.
No one thumbed a nose at the plan. In fact, it was decided, hands down, that they must act quickly in order to get their foot in the door. To this end, they agreed to go after a bare bones implementation and once underway management must be hands off so that engineering can really sink their teeth into the development without distraction. It was going to be tough and require a lot of elbow grease, but if everyone put their nose to the grindstone, they could pull it off.
The plan breathed new life into the team. They were tired of twiddling their thumbs waiting for change. Many had wanted to speak up but had bitten their tongues instead. Now they were motivated because they knew if they poured their hearts into it that they would succeed. In the end, it all turned out well and a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders.

I cannot seem to remember right off the top of my head, what that new technology was… but it is on the tip of my tongue.