Distorted Discretion

It all started innocently enough. Someone baked some homemade brownies and brought them to the staff meeting. It was a nice gesture. The few that were left over after the meeting were placed out at the coffee station. They disappeared like free beer at a frat party.

Next it was the birthday cake. The whole department gathered and sang happy birthday, handed out cake, kibitzed, and headed back to work. The left over cake...out to the coffee station. Again, gone in seconds.

Soon, it was not just leftover office food that was being left for public consumption. You can imagine finishing up your kid's birthday party and wondering what to do with the leftover cake. There is no way you are going to eat it , but you paid a small fortune for the colorful concoction with inch thick icing. You think to yourself “At work we just put it out at the coffee station... Hmmm... That gives me an idea!”
The next thing you know people are bringing in left overs from home.

What is amazing is not only the stuff that people bring in, but that people actually partake. Food that would not be the least bit appealing anywhere else is snapped up when left for free at the coffee pot . You could bring in burnt toast and it would get gobbled up. These people are paid well. It is not like they cannot afford to eat. Why is it that free stuff, no matter how undesirable somehow is provocative when placed near the coffee pot? Work really messes with your perception and decision making.

The reason I bring this up is that we are nearing harvest season. Soon those who labored over their gardens all year, and were so excited about that first zucchini, will no longer be able to keep up with the output . The bountiful leftovers will soon be taking over the company kitchen areas and coffee stations around the country.
By dumping their unwanteds at work, people can feel generous under the pretense of sharing, when actually it is just a convenient way to unload without guilt.

The fact of the matter is, the office is not a farmers market. We don’t need the produce section taking over the coffee station. ... Besides, I need the space to unload a bunch of old computer gear from my garage...surely someone will want it.