Need Oxygen

It is called the Peter Principle. Employees rise to their level of incompetence. The interesting thing is that only those below them on the org-chart are capable of seeing the incompetence play out. Amazingly, the incompetence is rewarded by someone higher up and obviously a practicing “peter” themselves.
This phenomenon is never more clear than when executives present their vision to their underlings. The farther one climbs up the proverbial corporate ladder, the more worthless their visions become. They offer direction such as:
“What we need is a widget that has better performance, lower cost, is smaller, lighter and uses less power than the previous model.”

Wow! Now that is insightful... What a vision! Endowed with such perspicacity we will stop heading down the lower performance and higher cost path.

Those even higher up the ladder are impressed. “We should promote this leader; they have a remarkable acumen in business matters. “ “Success now depends upon how well the rank and file carry out the execution of that extraordinary vision.”
Sadly humorous is their self perception that what they say actually adds value and makes them worthy of the obscene salary and bonuses bestowed upon them.
Clearly the air is thin near the top of the ladder.