Follow the Code

Okay, I did not want to have to venture back into the restroom, but I am afraid that things have just gone too far. While I cannot comment on the situation in the ladies room, I am all too familiar with the complete breach of etiquette in the men’s room.

It seems strange that it must be explicitly stated, but apparently, it is not obvious to all. So here goes: People, please do not use your mobile phones while in the office bathroom.

It is uncomfortable enough to have conversations while taking care of one's personal business, but there is something very unsettling about someone carrying on a conference call while seated on the can. For those offenders that have no clue, let me assure you, that while the stall may provide some visual solitude, it really provides no privacy for any of the other senses. Besides, it is really creepy when you consider the poor folks on the other end of the line. I know that I really don’t need the distraction of awkward mental images conjured up during a call when strange noises permeate over the air waves. Are you really so busy that you cannot afford two minutes to take care of your personal biological needs? The restroom is a very personal and private place; please keep your mobile phone conversations to yourself.
Recently, the hands free in-the-ear devices have allowed code violations to spread from the stall to the urinal.

I was minding my own business, eyes forward, quiet and focused, when a gentleman began to use the facility next to me. He seemed to be humming to himself – “Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmmm” (this is not, in itself, a technical violation of the code). Unknown to me, he was actually on a hands free call, responding to the long winded speaker on the other end. The real problem occurred when he began to speak. I, of course, though he was talking to me…a clear violation of the code! I couldn’t believe my ears when he said “Yes, that is a nice package.” Out of sheer surprise, I myself broke the code. With a look of disgust and shock on my face, I snapped my head to look in surprise at this obviously demented individual. The abrupt motion caused my neighbor to look over at me, he too surprised by the breach of etiquette. Totally clueless, and clearly confused by my actions and the look on my face, he looked at me with disgust. It was not until this moment that I noticed the over the ear wireless device he was wearing. I humbly returned to my business…silently. He avoids me now.