Bring Your Notebook

I love my notebook computer. What a great tool, I don't go anywhere without it. It is small enough to carry with me all day long. You never know when I might need it. Actually, I don't do much computing on the computer. I mostly use it for e-mail and presentations. I started taking my computer to meetings to take notes, and of course to present power point slides. Taking notes didn't really pan out...which is weird because everyone else in the meetings is always busily typing away while I am presenting. I am glad that taking copious notes is working so well for them. Anyway, one day I was running behind and needed to touch up my presentation material; so I quietly made the much needed edits to my presentation while someone else was presenting. It worked out great. I was at the meeting AND I got my work done. Hey, that gives me an idea: I could could check my e-mail while in the meeting! Well, this turned out to be a great idea. Now I can keep up with e-mail and no one in the meeting has to know (everyone will just think I am taking notes). My secret didn't stay mine for long - soon I began to receive e-mails from other people in the meeting. We started to hold a virtual meeting while in the meeting. Now, this is effecient- two, two , two meetings in one!(just like Certs). Actually, it is kind of hard to pay attention to the face to face meeting when typing so dilligently. But, hey, thats ok, because I can just catch up what I missed via e-mail during my next meeting. Meetings are great - a chunk of time to take care of my e-mail ... Oh...and work on my new presentation - I signed up for next week. We now all take turns "presenting" in the meetings so that everyone else can get their work done. Well, I gotta go, this meeting just got over and there are a bunch of people with notebook computers waiting to use the conference room....they probably have a lot of work to get done.